7 years ago

YA Book Club with Michelle Morgan

All high school book fanatics and avid readers are welcome at this book club dedicated to discovering the next juicy young adult read! Join us YA Book Club on the second Tuesday of each month. #ireadya

This month, read the book and then discuss it with the author! We’re excited to announce that our next YA Book Club will also include a special guest! Michelle Morgan will join us at book club in April to launch her new novel Flying Through Clouds with exciting artifacts from the book, and an answer to all your questions about her inspiration behind it. #loveozya

A small selection of snacks and beverages will be provided

Flying Through Clouds by Michelle Morgan

It’s not easy being a teenage boy growing up in the tough neighbourhood of Glebe in the 1930s. It’s even harder when your dream is to become an aviator, your parents are dead against it, and your girlfriend’s father is the School Principal. But Joe has even bigger challenges he must face and obstacles to overcome if he wants to achieve his dream. He has a plan and won’t let anyone stand in his way.



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