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Writing Young Adult Fiction with Simmone Howell

SPECIAL OFFER: $ 100 off the regular price for bookings made between now and 22 April. Enter the discount code: LOVEOZYA when you reach the checkout screen and hit the APPLY button.

An eight-week online course:

Young adult literature is a wide-ranging category, a bustling literary marketplace, and a fast-growing field of academic study. YA incorporates all genres, often mixing them up in innovative ways. Because it is primarily for and about young people, it can identify and auger cultural change and, as young people are more than ever writing the world (through fan-fic, through Tik-Tok), young adult fiction will, with time, comprise a social history, perhaps even explain life as we know/knew it.

In this eight-week, intensive course, you will learn the fundamentals of writing for a Young Adult audience. This is a rare opportunity to develop your writing in real time, with writing and editing experts alike, while gaining new skills you can carry with you for the rest of your career.

This program will also include the rare opportunity have a sample of your work copy-edited by a Senior Editor who specialises in editing YA. You will work towards providing a 2000-3000 word piece, which will receive two rounds of revisions returned to you following the conclusion of the course.

NB: The date and time shown are for the first of eight online sessions.



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