#LoveOzYA loves when bloggers, vloggers, booktubers, instagrammers, tweeters, tumblrs, and readers in general talk about Australian Young Adult books, authors and writing.

#LoveOzYABloggers is a meme to fuel the conversation providing themed prompts that bloggers or anyone on social media can respond to monthly.

It’s easy! Simply:

  1. Choose 3 books that respond to the theme (or as many/few as you like, 3 is just a nice easy number)
  2. Do your thing (blog them, review them, bookstagram them)
  3. Include the text below in each post to let your readers/viewers know who’s hosting
  4. Comment on theme’s post below with a link to your own post
  5. Share the love on social media with #LoveOzYABloggers

Please include the following text with hyperlinks where possible:

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Upcoming Themes:


February, 2018: Indigenous

March, 2018: Horror

April, 2018: Autumn Reads

#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Horror'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Indigenous'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Comedy'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Country'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Christmas Reads'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Gift Recommendations'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Short Stories'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Maps'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Spring Reads'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Favourite Covers'
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#LoveOzYABloggers: 'Historical'
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