Holden Sheppard stays on a roll with a new film and television option for his award-winning novel Invisible Boys
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9 Jul
Writing Workshop: How to Map Journeys with Danielle Binks
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8 Apr
Astrid Scholte Chapter One
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29 Apr
Kay Kerr - 'Please Don't Hug Me' digital launch Avid Reader
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Invisible Boys Teaching Notes
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Debut YA Novel by Australian author Tara Jenkinson released 11/01/2020
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22 Nov
YA BOOK LAUNCH: Otherwise Known as Pig by Catch Tilly
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9 Nov
BOOK LAUNCH: 'Saga' by Nikki McWatters
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New YA release set in the outback of Australia
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I Am Change Teacher Notes
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7 Aug
Everywhere Everything Everyone Launch
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1 Aug
'Graveyard Shift in Ghost Town' Launch!
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