8 years ago

The Letter Library

Inspired by Cath Crowley’s incredible novel Words in Deep Blue, we have created a virtual Letter Library for book lovers to post some book love!

In Words in Deep Blue, the Letter Library is housed up the back of Howling Books. It’s a set of shelves where the bookshop keeps copies of books that people love. Customers are allowed to write in the books. They can underline words and highlight lines. They can leave notes in the margins; leave thoughts about the meaning of things. It’s called a Letter Library because a lot of people write more than a note in the margin – they write whole letters and put them between the pages of books. And strangers, who love the same books that they do, write back.

This tumblr is a virtual Letter Library – but the idea is the same. It’s a collection of people posting about the books they love. It’s a library of word lovers. Write and tell us about the words you love, the lines that have changed you. Write to a stranger who shares your love of a book. And hopefully, that stranger finds your letter, and writes back.




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