The History of Mischief

Rebecca Higgie’s debut novel, The History of Mischief, winner of the 2019 Fogarty Literary Award, explores the many things we do to try to escape grief, and the stories we tell in order to protect ourselves and those we love.

Rebecca is a writer from Perth whose whole life has been spent in the company of books. She has worked in the stacks of the State Library of Western Australia and fostered childhood literacy as the Library Officer at Guildford Primary, Western Australia’s oldest public school.

These detailed notes cover themes of family relationships, friendship, grief and loss, world histories and culture. The notes are designed to address the following curriculums:

  • Y9+ English
  • Y9+ Humanities and Social Sciences (History; Geography)
  • Y9+ Health and Physical Education (Mental health and wellbeing)
  • Y9+ Art

Creative writing exercises and an interview with the author are included.

You can find teaching notes from the publisher here or download them below.



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