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The Great Debate — Tropes and Dreams

Tropes and Dreams: A literary debate on YA tropes

A significant or recurrent theme; a motif:
e.g. The camera leaves the hunky dark-haired boy with bright green eyes and pans to a 20-second shot of a full-moon against a darkened sky.
‘Not another werewolf movie!’ Elli shouts as she throws her bowl of popcorn at the TV, ‘That is such a trope!’
Meanwhile, Connor whispers under his breath, ‘F*** yes. This is what I live for.’

If you can identify with either or even both of the reactions above, boy have we got an event for you! Maybe you have a thing for orphans who are destined to save the day (the chosen one), or perhaps you can’t understand why there has to be a Team Edward or a Team Jacob – seriously why can’t Bella just make up her mind?! (the love-triangle). Well, it’s time to finally settle the score! Join us as we put two teams of legendary YA literary folk head to head to decide if tropes are an essential part of compelling storytelling.

Battling it out to decide if tropes are worth battling it out for, we’re proud to have:

Lili Wilkinson (author of The Boundless Sublime, Green Valentine and more)
Shivaun Plozza (author of Frankie)
Chris Miles (author of Spurt)
Nicole Hayes (author of The Whole of My World and One True Thing)
Andrew McDonald (author of Son of Death)
Matthew Earp (manager of The Younger Sun bookstore in Yarraville)

Get ready for a meeting of the minds, a wrangling of wits, an amalgamation of literary sophistication (and booze)! Maybe it’ll even break out into a full-on brawl, who knows!

The debate starts at 6pm and afterwards there will be time for mingling and chit-chatting on the beautiful rooftop at The Wolf’s Lair. Some light snacks will be provided, otherwise you can order from the kitchen. Come on by, have a drink or two and let’s talk about our tropes and dreams!


*please note this is an 18+ event



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