7 years ago

The first book in a heart-stopping and suspenseful YA trilogy!

Award-winning novelist and critic, James Bradley, has revealed the cover of his first book for young adult readers, The Silent Invasion (the first in a blockbuster trilogy!).

As James says on his blog, “I’m incredibly excited to present the cover of my new novel, The Silent Invasion, which will be published by Pan Macmillan Australia in April. It’s the first part of a trilogy of young adult novels set a decade or so from now on an Earth transformed by the arrival of alien biology. I’m incredibly excited about them, and I’ve had huge fun writing them, not least because they’ve let me play around with a whole lot of crazy ideas about alien ecologies and replication and quantum hive minds, while also writing a really personal story about love and loyalty and survival. I’ll be posting more information about them closer to publication, but for now you can pre-order the first part from your favourite bookseller, and make a note in your diary that the second book will be available in November.”



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