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Stone Girl out soon

Hi LoveOzYA friends and supporters,

May is publication month for Stone Girl. The launch is on May 3rd at Reading in St Kilda(check out the events page) and the book is available for pre-order now.

The pre-release jitters are high, as is the thrill of seeing a decade-long project come to fruition. This book consumed me and I hope it does the same for you.

There are so many incredible YA reads on Australian book shelves and I’m so very happy Stone Girl will sit alongside them. Please check out Stone Girl and whatever you do keep supporting Australian YA and all our amazingly talented home-grown authors.

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Also, here’s is the Publisher blurb

Compelling, involving and beautifully written, Stone Girl is the powerful and moving story of Sophie, who becomes a ward of the state.

A heartbreaking novel of raw survival and hope, and the children society likes to forget. A stunning and unforgettable debut YA for older readers.

An unspeakable event changes everything for twelve-year-old Sophie. No more Mum, school or bed of her own. She’s made a ward of the state and grows up in a volatile world where kids make their own rules, adults don’t count and the only constant is change.

Until one day she meets Gwen, Matty and Spiral. Spiral is the most furious, beautiful boy Sophie has ever known. And as their bond tightens she finally begins to confront what happened in her past.

I’m at the police station. There’s blood splattered across my face and clothes. In this tiny room with walls the colour of winter sky I hug a black backpack full of treasures. Only one thing is certain . . . no one can ever forgive me for what I’ve done




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