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Steven Herrick’s new YA novel The Bogan Mondrian – OUT NOW

From the bestelling author of The Simple Gift comes a powerful young adult novel about grief, domestic violence and making sense of the world. This is Steven Herrick at his best.

In the wake of his father’s death, Luke sleepwalks through his days, wagging school, swimming at the reservoir and eating takeaway pizza. But when Charlotte comes into his world, he realises there are worse things than school – much worse.

The Bogan Mondrian grapples with the issue of domestic violence in a sensitive, nuanced way and turns societal preconceptions upside down.

‘In the novel Luke is from the “wrong side of the tracks” and is a catalyst for helping Charlotte, a teenage girl from a wealthy family, address the domestic violence occurring in her home. This choice was deliberate – this is an issue that affects people from all classes, races and religions,’ says Herrick.

‘The statistics are overwhelming – one in six women have been subjected to physical violence by a current or previous partner. It’s the real terrorist in our midst and I felt compelled to write a story that young people can engage with, one that calls for greater understanding and greater action.’

The novel also addresses the notion of masculinity and what it can mean, with Luke a powerful and unexpected example of strength, empathy and kindness.

Beautifully layered, with expectation-bucking characters and moments of light and warmth, The Bogan Mondrian takes us on a journey from appearance to reality, and shows the compassion, courage and friendship that can be found in even the darkest of times.



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