LoveOzYA is Here to Stay!

The LoveOzYA Committee is excited to announce that, thanks to the overwhelming enthusiasm and support of the Australian YA community, LoveOzYA is back and here to stay!

Earlier this year, LoveOzYA faced some challenges that put its future in doubt. In March, the committee put a call out to the community asking if you saw a need for LoveOzYA to continue and, if so, for your help to rebuild. The response we received was overwhelming. We thank you for your passion, generous offers of support and patience in recent months while we’ve taken steps to secure a sustainable future for LoveOzYA.

Thank you!

The LoveOzYA committee is profoundly grateful for all the support given during our recent challenging times. In particular, the committee wish to thank Jin Wang from Jin and Co. and Dave from for their amazing efforts in getting the LoveOzYA website going after it was hacked. Just as importantly, Nicola Santilli, Kate Larsen, Emily Gale, Michael Earp, and a number of anonymous donors contributed funds to ensure that the committee was able to meet its obligations and obtain the necessary website repair work. The committee expresses its heartfelt thanks and appreciates the wonderful contribution that’s been made for the LoveOzYA community.

The new committee members also wish to extend their thanks to the outgoing committee chair, Kevin Lee, outgoing committee member, Rhianna Patrick and past committee member and advisor Danielle Binks, for their work ensuring the future of LoveOzYA and for the invaluable advice and support they have given the new committee.

Introducing your new LoveOzYA Committee

We are delighted to welcome our new committee members who are honoured and excited to be working for the future of LoveOzYA.

Kate Eltham – Chair

Kate has been reading Australian YA since she fell in love with the books of Ivan Southall and Gary Crew at age 11. Kate’s previous roles have included CEO of Queensland Writers Centre, Manager of Reading and Writing at the State Library of Queensland and Festival Director of Brisbane Writers Festival, where she established LoveYA!, a free all-day celebration of YA fiction. She is currently Business Development Manager for the Creative Industries Faculty at QUT.

Twitter: @kate_eltham

Sarah Ross – Treasurer

Sarah is a passionate member of the Melbourne book community and loves reading diverse and inclusive stories – especially if it’s a fantasy. Sarah has had almost a decade of experience running community events in the music industry and managing local bands, and now runs a new Melbourne book club ‘What’s the Tea?’ (@whatstheteaaus); that celebrates all forms of reading. In her spare time she enjoys bullet journaling while listening to an audiobook.

Twitter: @farfromsarah
Instagram: @farfromsarah

Alice Boer-Endacott – Secretary (author representative)

Alice has independently published five young adult fantasy books under the name A B Endacott. When not reading or writing, she is contributing to The Nerd Daily ( about all things pop culture or spending time with her cats (and thus slowly morphing into a crazy cat lady). She passionately believes that books have the capacity to change people for the better. 

Twitter: @ajendacott
Instagram: @alicejaneboere

Renee Fletcher – Deputy Chair (publishing representative)

Renee is completing a Bachelor in Professional Writing and Publishing and is currently working as a marketing associate. When she’s not studying, working or reading she’s helping the community with her local SES Unit by climbing on roofs, wrangling trees and helping the public prepare for storms and other natural disasters. She has a dog named Frank and spends more time at the beach than might be considered necessary.

Twitter: @reneejoan94

Margot McGovern – Communications Director (author representative)

Margot is an Adelaide-based YA author, former bookseller and occasional blogger ( Her debut novel, Neverland, was shortlisted for the 2015 Text Prize and published by Penguin Random House Australia in 2018. She holds a creative writing PhD from Flinders University and her book reviews have appeared in several of Australia’s leading publications, including Australian Book Review and Kill Your Darlings. 

Twitter: @project_lectito
Instagram: @project_lectito

The new committee members were selected to form an interim committee to rebuild LoveOzYA. However, we remain open to nominations for new members and are particularly seeking applicants with fundraising and governance experience.

For more information regarding the LoveOzYA committee and committee nominations, visit our About page.

Share some love for OzYA 

Now that we’re back, we’re here to help spread the word about OzYA news, new releases and events.

Let us know about your news and events and publish them on the LoveOzYA website via our‘Submit’ page or share them on social media using #LoveOzYA.

Publishers and independent authors, send us the details of your upcoming releases by the 15th of the month prior to publication and we’ll include them in our monthly eNews and web showcase. (For the August 2019 eNews and showcase we are accepting titles until Tuesday, 23 July). We’ll also give each title a social media shout out for their book birthday!

You can also keep up to date with new releases, events and news by signing up for the LoveOzYA monthly eNews and following LoveOzYA:

Twitter: @LoveOzYA

Instagram: @loveozya




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