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Reading Matters Diversity Recommendations

In June, the Centre For Youth Literature put on one of the best conferences out there that focuses solely on Young Adult Literature, Reading Matters. The program was exceptionally thought out and planned, filled with speeches and panels from skilled Australian writers as well as international ones. The narrative that was spun over the two days of the main programming was that Young Adult literature (both in the writing of, and in the collection building of libraries) MUST reflect its readers. We are a diverse population, and therefore our books must be too.

To that end, attendees were asked to reflect on their own knowledge and group-think a list of books which feature diverse characters as well as a resource from which other diverse books could be found. Each person needed only to think of a single book and a single resource to add to the list.

The Centre For Youth Literature was kind enough to offer #LoveOzYA the chance to host the compiled list of which we’re thrilled about.

Without further ado, we present the Reading Matters Diversity Resource.

As with all discussions around diversity it is an ever evolving and ongoing topic. Therefore, if you would like to add to this list, please feel free to comment on this post to help readers further their knowledge. Periodically, the file itself will be updated with the new additions.

Please note, the tiles/resources in this document are not limited to Australian Young Adult literature as is the rest of our website.

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