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Q&A with the #LoveOzYA Book Club

The #LoveOzYA Book Club has been a long-running community on Facebook and now Instagram. In this interview, we chatted to its hosts, Emmaly Gridley and Ellie Marney, about the book club’s origins and what it’s all about!

Can you tell us a little bit about you and what you like to read?

We are Ellie Marney and Emmaly Gridley.

Emm: I live in Gippsland Vic with my husband and 2 dogs Rocket & Noodle. I also have 14 alpacas and 2 horses. My young adult children live away for Uni but do come home a lot or I visits them in Melbourne & Hobart. Books I love to read are mostly YA Fantasy. My favourite books are the Shadowhunter Series by Cassandra Clare. I have been involved in the Mundie Moms’ blog and Aussie Shadowhunters for over 10 years. One of my favourite things is to attend author book launch events and have many signed books for our awesome Aussie YA Authors.

Ellie Marney is a New York Times bestselling and multi-award-winning crime author who has gone behind the scenes at the Westminster Mortuary in London and interviewed forensic and technical specialists around the world in pursuit of just the right details for her brand of pulse-pounding thrillers. Her titles include The Killing CodeNone Shall Sleep, the Every trilogy, No LimitsWhite Night and the Circus Hearts series. She has lived in Indonesia, India and Singapore, and is now based in Western Victoria with her partner and their four sons.

Ellie has been involved in the creation of the national campaign called #LoveOzYA to promote and advocate for Australian YA literature. She contributed to the critically-acclaimed Begin End Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology. She also co-coordinates an online info-sharing group for Australian women self-publishers. She teaches writing and publishing through Writers Victoria, advocates for Australian women’s writing as a Stella Ambassador in schools, and is a regular speaker at festivals and events.

How did the #LoveOzYA book club come about?

Ellie started #LoveOzYAbookclub as a Facebook group and part of her website in 2015, as an extension to her involvement with #LoveOzYA. Over the years the FB group has grown to over 900 members. Emm started on as a co moderator in 2020 to share the load. In 2023 we have moved across to Instagram

 How does it work? What should people know before joining?

We have just moved our group and all posts over to Instagram, so all people need to do is follow us there @LoveOzYAbookclub. At the start of each month, we post the book we are featuring. During the month we post Q&A questions from the featured author about their writing and their books. At the end of the month, we encourage people to comment on what they thought about the book and give it a 1-5 star rating.

 What have been some of your favourite books you’ve read from the book club?

Emm: I have liked the opportunity to read books I might not have heard about or thought to pick up before. I have really enjoyed reading the many diverse books we have featured. Favourites have included Spice Road by Maiya Ibrahim, We Who Hunt the Hollow by Kate Murray and The Boy from the Mish by Gary Lonesborough.

What are you hoping to achieve at your new home on Instagram?

We are hoping to reach a wider audience now that less people are using FB and more are on Instagram. We are hoping to be more interactive, sharing stories and allowing friends to share our posts too. Facebook was becoming a little tricky at times with lots of spam posts on our group and then having lots of our normal posts flagged as spam and deleted for no good reason.

Is there anything else you want people to know about the book club?

That we welcome anyone to join and follow our Instagram page. We hope that this may help you find new and exciting LovOzYA books you may not have heard about, as well as many from your favourite authors. You can also find all our past and current posts, books and interviews on Ellie’s website.




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