7 years ago

Origin Stories

My first novel, Origin Stories, came out in November 2016. My publisher (Solstice) is American, but I’m Australian and so is the setting for my book. It’s just an alternate Australia where superheroes are real.

Being a teenage superhero isn’t easy. Jenny’s first date with Allan was date-crashed by a super villain who wanted to fry the heart of the boy who broke hers. A mad scientist tried to give the whole world a zombie apocalypse for Christmas. Jenny’s little brother Max just turned into a ghost-in-a-time-machine. And Doctor Apocalypse is about to drop an asteroid on Paris.

But the hardest part of being a teenage super hero is lying to Allan about her secret identity.

Then Jenny’s secret identity is revealed to the official super heroes, and she discovers there’s a name for unlicensed super heroes like her. Super villains.

Then the hardest part of being a teenage super hero is the way they enforce the licensing rules by dragon.



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