8 years ago

Nominate to join LoveOzYA committee

The LoveOzYA committee is seeking one new elected member to join Danielle Binks, Adele Walsh, Amelia Lush and Ambelin Kwaymullina (author representative).

The committee currently hold meetings once a month, via Skype (so interstate members are welcome and encouraged!) and most other communication happens via email.

People can nominate individuals, or self-nominate by commenting on this post or emailing interim Chair: [email protected] 

Nominations will close Thursday 30th June, after which time all names will be listed in a SurveyMonkey that will act as our official voting system.

And just to give you some idea of what committee has upcoming on agenda:

Writing up a committee charter

Usability of the website and any changes needed, now that it’s been up for about 6 months

Promotional ideas for the movement

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