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NEW: Sea of Gratitude: The Bikini Collective (#3)

Book three in the Bikini Collective series sees the girls
preparing for another action-packed surfing adventure, but
one of them is burdened with secrets. With all of her
scholarship funds exhausted, Carolyn has no choice: she’ll
have to drop off the World Junior Tour. Just as all seems lost,
the Bikini Collective – along with a mysterious donor – save
the day. Next stop: Brazil! The lush South American tropics
are dreamy; playful waves, everyday fiestas and beautiful,
smooth-talking Brazilians. But can Carolyn find what it
means to truly be happy? Just like a calm ocean with a
deceiving undercurrent, things aren’t always what they seem.

Targeted at the younger end of the YA reader, Sea of
Gratitude, book three of The Bikini Collective, series takes
you on a sea-soaked journey of impactful friendships,
learning how to make your own mould instead of trying to
fit into everybody else’s, having empathy for those less
privileged (and what privilege even looks like) and, of
course, plenty of exhilarating surf action.



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