8 years ago

New Epic fantasy novel by Australian author

Hi all! I found out about #loveozya in Australian Author. I thought there may be some here interested in my epic fantasy novel Talon, released in April 2016. Thanks!


Talon is learning his people’s magic

Due to his bloodline and abilities, Talon is both the greatest threat and the greatest boon to the Zeika’s god-given mission to enslave or kill all Kriites. Talon’s actions and faith will make all the difference between the two. This epic fantasy kicks off a series of eight books featuring religious fanatics, telepathy, shape changing, dragons and a war against invading sorcerors.

A group of immortals from a distant island is making a move on the mainland, where the Kriites have long lived in peace within the realms of Telby and Jaria. It will soon be up to a young Jarian man, named Talon, to find a way to fight back.

With a newly awakened icetiger for his companion, Talon is finally learning the magic of the Kriite people, including telepathy and shape changing. After Jaria is attacked by the Zeikas he embarks on a mission to seek help. Along with his guide and protector, Sarlice of Lyth, he heads for Telby, but his enemies are already there.



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