8 years ago

Measuring Up

How long has it been since you’ve felt the sand between your toes?

Feet is seventeen when a Siren called Amity washes up from the ocean and calls his name. His mates are impressed, but Feet is terrified. He’s a virgin, his older brother’s just come out and the Siren “just wants to be friends”. What’s a man to do?

Identity and self-respect arrive like a new tide within Feet’s life, creating waves he’s not sure he can negotiate. Somehow, through the salt and the sunburn, Feet begins to discover the person he’d like to become. And, while avoiding the bigger issues of study and final exams, he recognises the things that truly matter.

Measuring Up is a chance to open the window and feel the sea breeze, a chance to remember what it was like when you first began to know yourself.



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