8 years ago

LoveOzYA opposing copyright proposals and parallel importation

The LoveOzYA committee has decided to make a submission to the Productivity Commission, outlining our strong opposition to their suggested changes to copyright proposals and parallel importation.

We will be submitting a letter composed and signed by the current committee, but we’d like to give everyone in the LoveOzYA community a chance to co-sign and provide us with their personal statements of opposition, to be sent with the submission.

We also encourage everyone to submit individually to the Productivity Commission here, but believe also coming out as a united front will be impactive.

Anyone can co-sign and provide a statement – we encourage bloggers, vloggers, teachers, librarians, authors, readers – everyone to reach out and speak up!

If you’d like to know more about the Productivity Commission, and understand why these copyright proposals and parallel importation will hurt the industry, read up here:

Submission to the Commission is due by June 3. If you would like to add your name and/or statement to LoveOzYA‘s official submission – comment on this post, or email committee member Danielle Binks: [email protected]



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