For Educators, For Readers 5 years ago

#LoveOzYA Hidden Gems

As readers, we all have those special books, new and old, that feel as though they were written just for us. Maybe they make us feel seen and understood, or offer the perfect escape, or even change the way we think about the world. Whatever the reason, they’re the books that shine the brightest on our shelves and the books we wish we could put in more readers’ hands.

Here at LoveOzYA, we’re all about helping readers discover their next great Aussie YA read, so we put out the call for you to share your #LoveOzYA ‘hidden gems’ and let us know about the books you think deserve a little extra love.

And what a list you gave us! We’ve tallied your responses and gathered them all here alphabetically by title–over thirty great reads to add to your TBR! Follow the link above to view the list!



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