7 years ago

LoveOzYA Charter

Hello Everyone!

I know it’s been quiet on the committee front lately, but that’s partly because we’ve been putting together an official Charter.

We’ve been trying to put into words what the purpose of LoveOzYA is, and what the committee can do – we were also thinking of future committee formations, who may want to seek grants or organisational alliances and may need governance to aid with that.

Basically – we’re trying to cover all contingencies for the future of this movement, and in the hopes that it will grow.

I’d like everyone to know that we’ve had several non-LoveOzYA individuals take a look at the charter; including a Koori Liaison Officer, those from literary and disability sectors, sensitivity readers, a lawyer has weighed in and we’re quite happy with how it presents.

But we’d like the community to have an opportunity to read and comment too, before it’s confirmed.

So if you’d like – please fill out the ‘contact us’ form from the website (http://loveozya2.jinandco.com/contact/) or email us directly ([email protected]) putting ‘CHARTER REQUEST’ in the subject line, and we’ll send you a PDF of the document to read over. If you’d then like to email us back your thoughts, that would be much appreciated.

The cut-off to request the Charter is January 31 – and we’d really appreciate all feedback be returned by then too.

Thank you!



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