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#LoveOzYA Book Bingo

Welcome to #LoveOzYA’s first-ever book bingo! It’s fun, easy, and a great way to explore the amazing wealth of Australian authors and fiction our country has to offer!

Playing is simple – just like a normal game of bingo, you’re looking to get five squares in a row: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can mark a square off whenever you read a book that matches the criteria in the square, so long as it’s considered an OzYA book. There’s a “free” space in the middle of the board to make it a little easier if you can’t find five books you’d like to read.

The Bingo runs from 1st October to the 31st October – so now’s the perfect time to start planning what books you’d like to read from your own shelves, borrow from a library, or purchase from your local bookstore!

#LoveOzYA have a handy spreadsheet containing some book recommendations to get you started, but if you know of a book that fits a category we’ve missed, please let us know through our social media accounts, or via our CONTACT page. Let us know how you go using the hashtag online #LoveOzYABookBingo, and have fun reading!

We’ve also prepared a B&W printable version for classroom and library use, which students can decorate and use offline.



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