7 years ago

#LoveOzYA at Bendigo Writers Festival

We’re celebrating the phenomenal #LoveOzYA campaign with a 3-session back-to-back event for writers and readers of Young Adult books.

Thanks to Strategem for backing this new event in the Strategem Studio (but of course) at Ulumbarra Theatre.

From the sci-fi magic of Kaufman and Kristoff to the clever graphic novels of Bruce Mutard, plus Kelly Gardiner‘s super historic novels, Will Kostakis‘s poignant coming-of-age stories, and the extraordinary range of Michael Pryor‘s fabulous books, there’s a terrific range.

And our hosts sure do know their YA: Rachel Nightingale (whose magical Harlequin’s Riddleis just out), plus Connor Borchard-Burns and Michael Earp, from the #LoveOzYA group.

Come and talk about your favourites and find out more about why YA is so popular.



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