7 years ago

LOVEOZYA at Bendigo Writers Festival

We’re celebrating the phenomenal #LoveOzYA campaign with a 3-session back-to-back eventfor writers and readers of Young Adult books.

Thanks to Strategem for backing this new event in the Strategem Studio (but of course) at Ulumbarra Theatre.

From the sci-fi magic of Kaufman and Kristoff to the clever graphic novels of Bruce Mutard, plus Kelly Gardiner‘s super historic novels, Will Kostakis‘s poignant coming-of-age stories, and the extraordinary range of Michael Pryor‘s fabulous books, there’s a terrific range.

And our hosts sure do know their YA: Rachel Nightingale (whose magical Harlequin’s Riddleis just out), plus Connor Borchard-Burns and Michael Earp, from the #LoveOzYA group.

Come and talk about your favourites and find out more about why YA is so popular.



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