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#LoveOzYA Committee Vacancies

  • LoveOzYA · 1 year ago
#LoveOzYA Committee Vacancies

As some of our current committee members conclude their terms, and in order to support LoveOzYA’s ambitions to grow its impact and reach across the community, we are seeking 3-5 skilled and committed individuals to join our board.

Skills-based vacancies

To support our big hairy audacious goals, LoveOzYA is currently emphasising recruitment of skills-based directors with experience in the following areas:

  • Legal expertise, particularly copyright, licencing and contracts
  • Marking and branding
  • Accounting and financial administration

We also encourage YA authors and publishing industry professionals to self-nominate. Committee members with generalised experience and a passion for OzYA literature are also welcome.


With the next term of LoveOzYA’s committee due to coincide with our incorporation as a non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, LoveOzYA is seeking members who are capable and willing to accept a role as a non-profit board member of a charitable organisation. To undertake this role, an individual must be at least 18 years of age. Copies of the proposed Constitution are available on the LoveOzYA website.

Time and Skills Commitment

LoveOzYA has no recurrent funding and is currently powered by volunteers. Committee members contribute between 2-5 hours per week in governance, social media curation, stakeholder engagement and project management. It is one of our goals to increase and diversify LoveOzYA’s revenue to support our projects. This will be a key task of the next term of the board.

Diverse representation

LoveOzYA is committed to diverse representation that reflects the lived experiences of YA readers and authors. To better represent and advocate for the diverse stories and experiences of our community, that diversity must be reflected in our governance. We are enacting a range of strategies on this front. In particular, we encourage those with lived experience of the need for own voices and diversity in YA, and a passion for advocacy on these issues, to nominate for a board director role. We particularly welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to join the committee. If you would like to discuss any aspects of cultural safety at LoveOzYA please contact Kate Eltham, Chair, at the details below.


We anticipate holding our annual general meeting by the end of July 2020 and therefore request EOIs be submitted by Monday 20 July.

Express your interest

To express your interest in joining the LoveOzYA board, or to ask questions about any aspect of our governance, please contact the Chair, Kate Eltham, at