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Competition — 'My First Lesson'

  • Danielle Binks · 6 years ago
Competition — 'My First Lesson'

Black Inc. and Alice Pung offer English teachers the opportunity to submit their best student writing to be considered for publication in a new anthology of high-school writing!

The editor of Growing up Asian in Australia, Alice Pung, is looking for original voices in new stories that take up a theme from her new novel, Laurinda.

Laurinda is a high-school novel that explores the themes of identity and belonging, conflict and bullying, power and fairness. It was published in November 2014.

The competition invites teachers to submit their students’ stories. The most outstanding pieces of writing will be selected by Alice and published in a new anthology by Black Inc., the publisher of Unpolished Gem and Growing Up Asian in Australia.


Students from year 9 to year 12.


Competition opens Wednesday 22 April, 2015.

Competition closes Friday 29 April, 2016.