Learning to love Blue – new YA set in Melbourne!

Learning to love Blue is the long-awaited sequel to Lonesome When You Go. (Storylines notable book 2017)

With Vox Pop and high school behind her, 18-year-old Paige arrives in Melbourne with her suitcase and bass guitar; a copy of Bob Dylan’s Chronicles and Joni Mitchell’s Blue – a gift from her estranged mother that she’s still learning to love.

Following in the footsteps of her musical heroes, all of whom left home to make it in 1960s New York, Paige knows Melbourne’s the new rock and roll capital of the world: if she can’t make it here, she can’t make it anywhere. Besides, her high school crush Spike lives here…

Paige has always had music, but realises she still has a lot to learn about relationships: how to be vulnerable and how to be blue.

Author Saradha Koirala moved to Melbourne from New Zealand in 2016. She now teaches, writes and lives there with her partner and daughter, two cats, a bicycle and a guitar. She is the author of the Storylines Notable Book Award-winning Lonesome When You Go and three poetry collections. Learning to love Blue is her first self-published title.



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