8 years ago

Launch of Nikki McWatters’ Hexenhaus

Join UQP and Riverbend Books for the launch of Hexenhaus.

A witch could be fair. A witch could be foul. A witch could be anyone at all because the witch lived in the thoughts and fears of people.
‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live’ is an edict taken very seriously by the people of Franconia in 1628. Veronica Junius knows exactly how grave an accusation of witchcraft can be, having lost first her mother and now her beloved father to the Hexenbischoff’s zealous (and profitable) quest to rid Bamburg of witches.
Katherine Campbell has submitted herself to a quiet life as a maid to the Laird of Bargarran, until a handsome stranger interrupts her peace by introducing her to a group of like-minded villagers. Now she burns with the passion of the Jacobite cause – high treason at the dawn of eighteenth century Scotland. When she is accused of witchcraft, how else can she explain her night-time wanderings? Will the ominous Reverend Brisbane capture their charismatic leader?
In the present day, Paisley Muller-McLeod just wants to live a normal life, get good marks at school and maybe catch the attention of the cute boy on the bus. But her mother’s Winter Solstice Festival is causing the conservative townsfolk of Bundanoon to gossip … They can’t really believe in witchcraft in this day and age – can they?
Nikki McWatters twines the three tales together to create a powerful story of persecution and feminine strength that will appeal to young women everywhere.
McWatters stumbled on the true story of the Bargarran witch trials in her family history and was fascinated: ‘I engaged in some extensive research, going through parish records, court transcripts and tax slips from the time and pieced together a new and unexplored theory of what happened.’



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