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Kate Hazel Hall’s debut YA, FROM DARKNESS, Receives Rave Reviews



Deeply romantic.


Kate Hazel Hall’s genre-bending Young Adult fantasy, FROM DARKNESS, has critics unleashing the superlatives.

“It’s moody and atmospheric yet passionate and endearing. This story broke my heart with its fraught relationships and stitched me back together again with its gorgeous words,” said Alex Brown, reviewer for Tor.com of the romantic, dark fantasy.

Melbourne-area resident Hall’s debut novel pits girl against the underworld in a fight for humanity and for a second chance at love.

Sixteen-year-old Ari Wyndham has lived with guilt since losing her best friend in an accident at  sea. When her own life is cut short by a snake bite, a beautiful, ghostly, and strangely familiar young woman appears, on a mission to summon Ari’s soul to the underworld.

Though she knows there will be a terrible price to pay for her transgression, the mysterious guide chooses instead to save Ari, upsetting the balance of life and death in Ari’s remote coastal village and opening a rift from the underworld.

Together, Ari and her guide battle the dark powers of the underworld and heal the rift. Though their bond seems unbreakable, it may not be enough. It is up to Ari to find the courage to do the one thing that will save the world from darkness.

Publishers Weekly called FROM DARKNESS graceful and otherworldly. “Ari’s journey is clear, heartrending, and shot through with sweetness and eerie beauty.”

“Steeped in myth and legend, yet grounded in the familiar, From Darkness will live with you long after its stunning conclusion,” added Mark Smith, bestselling author of The Road To Winter.

Kate Hazel Hall has published short stories and creative non-fiction for adults, but YA fiction is where her heart is—especially fantasy, magical realism, and speculative YA with a healthy amount of Sapphic romance built in.

When she isn’t writing, Kate often sneaks off to the forest or the beach with a sketchbook and a surfboard. Despite wearing out several wetsuits, Kate has yet to gain her advanced surfer qualifications, but she does have a PhD in Literary Studies from Deakin University, where she teaches graduate research skills, genre studies, and ecological fiction. Kate lives with her daughters and the world’s naughtiest rescue cat in a small Australian coastal town, just across the Southern Ocean from Antarctica.

Published by Duet Books, the YA imprint of Interlude Press (New York), FROM DARKNESS will be available worldwide November 3. Interlude Press is a boutique publisher of award-winning and bestselling fiction featuring LGBTQ+ protagonists and points of view. Interlude Press is distributed worldwide by the Independent Publishers Group (IPG).



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