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Introducing the #LoveOzYA Book Detective!

Do you ever find yourself hunting for an Australian young adult title that combines a specific set of ingredients, whether they be themes, tropes, places, or more?

Do you ever wish you could summon a sort of ‘detective’ who could investigate whether such a book exists?

Well, you are in luck!

Today, the #LoveOzYA team is thrilled to launch a new initiative called the #LoveOzYA Book Detective, designed to help you find homegrown YA books you will LOVE.

You can interact with the Book Detective in two ways:

  • Send in a case you’d like to be cracked: In other words, send in a request for us to try to find an Aussie YA title that touches on themes, tropes, or other features that you’re interested in. We imagine this form will be of most use to readers and educators.
  • Send in a tip-off to the Book Detective: Tell us about an in-print Australian YA title that you love, so we can add it to our bank of valuable evidence for future case sleuthing! We imagine this form will be of most use to writers and readers.

What happens when the #LoveOzYA Book Detective ‘solves’ a case?

The Book Detective will reveal their nominated suspect in two ways:

  1. By replying directly to the person who sent in the case, via the contact method cited on the form above.
  2. By posting the findings on the #LoveOzYA social media accounts.

Now, to ensure they don’t overload on coffee and doughnuts, the #LoveOzYA Book Detective will take cases on, well, a case-by-case basis. But rest assured, they’ll do their best to solve your mysteries, and find the perfect book for you! They will also likely take a paced approach to their investigative tasks, picking one case per month. But if they get on a roll, they’ll do their best to crack as many as they can, as quickly as possible!



Beth Herbert

What a fabulous idea! As a bookshop owner and former English teacher, I am always being asked for this sort of information. Will your searches be public?

June 9, 2022 at 12:12 pm


    Hi Beth! Thank you so much for your support – and for prompting me to update the blog wording, to answer this valid query! The Book Detective will share their findings, as well as any other ‘suspects’ that may fit the bill, on our social media platforms and directly with the person who made the request.

    June 9, 2022 at 12:37 pm

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