8 years ago

Going viral versus going off-grid

Moderated by writer, bookseller and blogger Emily Paull this event will feature authors Kate McCaffrey, Brendan Ritchie and Dr Deborah Hunn from Curtin University. The panel will discuss the impact of social media on young people and on their interactions with each other and the world at large.

Cyberbullying, sexting, catfishing, mobbing. Campaigns, social justice, outreach, connection. The platforms with which we engage bring out the best and the worst in human behaviour. Kate McCaffrey’s young adult novels explore the idea of social media saturation whereas Brendan Ritchie’s books explore social media blackout. The worlds they have created investigate the challenges young people face in managing their social presence.

This event is part of the FAWWA and Fremantle Press Celebration Series, sponsored by the Department of Culture and the Arts.



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