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Emergence trailer reveal

On behalf of Harbour Publishing House, I am thrilled to reveal the trailer for Emergence, Book 2 in the Kindred Ties series, out 1 May 2018 (cover to be revealed soon).  I’m also beyond psyched that some of my favourite #LoveOzYa authors enjoyed it! If you’re interested in an advance review copy, shoot an email through to [email protected].

“An action-packed race against the clock where found family is championed. I couldn’t put it down, I was desperate to know what happened next.”

– Alison Evans, author of ‘Ida’

“Smith has created an intriguing world in which animals and humans share a remarkable – and potentially lethal – bond. Enhanced by a diverse cast of characters, Emergence is a high-stakes tale that explores the frontiers of science, the depths of treachery in the pursuit of power, and the potency of love.”

– Erin Gough, author of ‘The Flywheel’

Here’s the blurb:

Fletcher, Ariana and Eli are walkers: carriers of a rare gene that enables them to communicate with animals and bridge our world and the spirit world. It is up to them to avert a catastrophic solar storm that threatens to release a dangerous dark spirit. Yet they’re hunted by a powerful genetics organization, the MRI, that will stop at nothing to control their powers.

Reeling from loss and betrayal, scientist Robyn Greene must protect the walkers at all costs. Can she figure out the MRI’s plans and help the walkers bring the Earth back into balance before it’s too late?



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