7 years ago

Connect with Your Audience: Writing for Kids and YA

In this information-packed full-day course for emerging children’s and YA writers, award-winning author Tristan Bancks gives intimate insight into the creative and business aspects of working as a full-time author for young people.

In the morning you’ll discuss and learn how to connect deeply with your audience and bring your stories to life on the page, in live talks and through digital media. Discover how to write prose that keeps your audience turning pages while exploring big ideas. Explore the use of images, video, maps, personal history and music in developing your story world and characters as Tristan has done for his books The Fall, and Two Wolves.

In the afternoon, gain tips on working with agents, publishers, editors, publicists, booksellers and educators to get the best outcome for your book, and to survive and thrive in the world of children’s literature.

You’ll finish the day with a range of new writing tools to add to your toolbox and the inspiration and information to put them to into action.



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