7 years ago

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‘There were so many emotions. I am still fan-girling and I probably will be fan-girling for the rest of my life.’

Just Kendall – Booktuber

Michelle Ham is a teenager trapped in the body and life of a thirty-something bibliophile, vintage frock lover and mother. ‘Sway’ is her debut novel – the story of Saskia.

Saskia is a loving daughter, loyal friend and a committed Christian. Too bad her parents don’t have time for her lately, her best friend is outgrowing her and everything she believes in is starting to seem like hypocrisy and lies.

As if things weren’t bad enough, Jesse, (who thinks religion is rubbish) keeps hanging about like a bad smell.

How will Saskia get her life back in order and survive Year 12 as well? She’ll just have to ramp up the faith and pray… Or fall apart and be tempted to sway.’



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