8 years ago

Alice Pung feature on Kirkus

Alice Pung Lucy and Linh (out in the US through Knopf Books for Young Readers) is the Black Inc. title Laurinda in Australia. Celebrating her US-release, American book review magazine Kirkus has a feature-article with the author.


‘It’s a book about generational and cultural differences, and about understanding parents as individual people. It’s about realizing that adulthood doesn’t automatically bring about knowledge, understanding, or empathy. It’s about how parents pass their values and worldview on to their children, and it’s about their children beginning to question, consider, and, in some cases, reshape those values and that worldview. It’s about real life as compared to American sitcoms, and it’s about different forms of manipulation, cruelty, and kindness. It’s about understanding what it is to work, and what it takes to create something from scratch. It’s about the complexity of having affection for a person despite their constant microaggressions, and it’s about not feeling able to say anything about that hurt.’



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