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15 Nov
Meet Scott Westerfeld in-conversation with Sean Williams
Nadia Ruttley · 4 months ago · [comment_count comment_count="3519"]
1 Nov
Meet Garth Nix in-conversation with John Birmingham
Nadia Ruttley · 4 months ago · [comment_count comment_count="3517"]
LoveOzYA Q&A With Scott Westerfeld
· 4 months ago · [comment_count comment_count="3471"]
LoveOzYA Author Q&A With Taryn Bashford
· 4 months ago · [comment_count comment_count="3469"]
31 Oct
Young Adult Book Club with David Burton at BOOK FACE Orion
Michela · 4 months ago · [comment_count comment_count="3466"]
15 Oct
Young Adult Book Club with Will Kostakis at BOOK FACE Gungahlin
Michela · 4 months ago · [comment_count comment_count="3463"]
Australian Author wins award
Sue Gauci · 4 months ago · [comment_count comment_count="3461"]
#LoveOzYA Author Q&A With Nattie Kate Mason
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LoveOzYA October 2019 Events
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LoveOzYA October New rewleases
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30 Oct
Mid-Week Mini-Fest: Celebrating YA and Children's Literature
Amelia Rohrlach · 4 months ago · [comment_count comment_count="3441"]
Vikki Wakefield's Top Writing Tips
LoveOzYA · 4 months ago · [comment_count comment_count="3437"]