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Diversity is important, and so we want you to #LoveOzYA – all of it.

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What is this #LoveOzYA? Who runs it? Where did it come from?

New Release in lockdown! The Tiger's Eye Out Now
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New OzYA release
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#LoveOzYA Q&A with Archimede Fusillo
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13 Aug
YA Author Panel: Finding My Voice
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SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for Hometown Haunts: #LoveOzYA Horror Tales
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#LoveOzYA Q&A with Zana Fraillon
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26 Aug
Online: Writing YA - Channelling Your Teen Voice with Wai Chim
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#LoveOzYA Committee Vacancies
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#LOveOzYA Author Q&A With Jane Godwin
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#LoveOzYA Author Q&A With Jackie French
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20 Jul
Better Read Than Dead Loves Oz YA
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9 Jul
Writing Workshop: How to Map Journeys with Danielle Binks
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