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#LoveOzYA in the USA: Shivaun Plozza, Part 1

  • Jessica Walton · 1 week ago
#LoveOzYA in the USA: Shivaun Plozza, Part 1

#LoveOzYA in the USA is a fortnightly series featuring questions and answers with Australian YA authors who have been published in the USA. In Part 1, we'll focus on front covers, and then take a look at the issue of publication in the USA more broadly in Part 2.

In July, the #LoveOzYA team spoke to author Shivaun Plozza about her book, Frankie.

Is your American cover different to your Australian cover and if so, why?

The cover for the US edition hasn’t been finalised yet but the intention is for it to be mostly the same as the Australian cover. It’s the same cover artwork (an original drawing by the wonderful Emma Leonard) and they’re also using the same Melina Marchetta quote (because why wouldn’t you?).


Australian cover (left), US cover (right)

Did you have any input into either cover?

I was shown the initial concepts and, luckily, the concept I loved most was the one they went with. I was able to make comments and requests for changes that were mostly adhered to. They were very generous in how much they kept me up to date on the cover’s progress although I didn’t have to be too heavily involved because we had a very similar vision for what we wanted the cover to look like.

Do you have a preference for one of the covers?

As they’re basically the same, I love them both!

Do you have a favourite LoveOzYA cover design or designer?

I’m pretty biased but I think my designer, Marina Messiha, is the best there is. She’s done so many of my favourite covers and she really pushes the boundaries.