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#LoveOzYA in the USA: Erin Gough, Part 1

  • #LoveOzYA · 2 months ago
#LoveOzYA in the USA: Erin Gough, Part 1

#LoveOzYA in the USA is a fortnightly series featuring questions and answers with Australian YA authors who have been published in the USA. Each author will be featured for a month. First we'll focus on front covers, and then take a look at the issue of publication in the USA more broadly.

In June, the #LoveOzYA team spoke to author Erin Gough about her book, The Flywheel, published in the USA as Get it Together, Delilah.

Erin, is your American cover different to your Australian cover and if so, why?

Yes. I suspect a key reason the covers are different is because the titles are different! Each of the titles are integrated so seamlessly into the cover design that I doubt there was a real choice to keep the covers the same.


Did you have any input into either cover?

Each of my publishers gave me a choice of three or four (quite similar) cover variations and when I expressed my preference they respected that choice.


Do you have a preference for one of the covers?

Not really. They're both gorgeous in different ways.


What do you like/dislike about each of them?

I like that they are both illustrated rather than a photograph. I must say I particularly like the black chalkboard background of the US cover. Colours on black is an aesthetic preference of mine.


Do you have a favourite #LoveOzYA cover design or designer?

No, simply because there are too many great covers and designers! For example, Sandy Cull (Girl Defective, Simone Howell), Astred Hicks (In the Dark Spaces, Cally Black and The Boundless Sublime, Lili Wilkinson) and Stephanie Spartels (Life in Outer Space, Melissa Keil and The Yearbook Committee, Sarah Ayoub).


Thanks for your time, Erin!

Tune in next fortnight to find out why Erin's book has different titles, and which iconic Australian beverage is mentioned a lot in The Flywheel/Get It Together, Delilah!


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