About LoveOzYA

LoveOzYA is, at its heart, a way to focus the discussions around young adult (YA) fiction in Australia and by doing so, promote local content to local readers. The movement began – as all important conversations do nowadays – online, and rapidly garnered the attention of writers, readers, publishers, booksellers and so many more invested in our national youth literature. We all want the same thing – to draw the attention of Australian teens to Australian books that speak to their experience, and unite the youth-lit community by;

  • promoting a united message
  • centralising information
  • raising the profile of local content

The LoveOzYA community is represented by an elected committee who can facilitate discussion, speak to the media, and carry out actions on behalf of the group. The members of this committee are currently as follows;

  • Amanda Diaz (ACT)
    Amanda has been a fan of Aussie YA since she first picked up Looking for Alibrandi at the school library at the age of eleven (and proceeded to borrow it eleventy bajillion times). As a grown up human, she’s worked as a film journalist and a children’s book publicist – amongst other things. These days she also runs The Regal Fox with a good friend. Twitter: @Manda_Diaz 
  • Michael Earp (VIC) (Chair)
    Michael has spent his entire adult life working with children’s books, with 8 years of bookselling and 7 years as a sales and marketing rep for a children’s publisher. With a teaching undergrad and a children’s literature masters under his belt, he’s extremely passionate about YA. He set up the #AusQueerYA tumblr in response to the #LoveOzYA movement. Twitter: @littleelfman and Instagram: @littleelfman
  • Kevin Lee (VIC)
    Kevin is doing a Graduate Diploma in library and information management. He studied Commerce and Science as an undergraduate. For over a decade he has worked in the financial sector, and runs the book club at work, while enjoying the riches that OzYA has to offer. Instagram: @kevinlee2212
  • Rhianna Patrick (QLD)
    During her 15 years at the ABC, Rhianna has worked across news and current affairs (including triple j news), television documentaries and radio. She currently presents a national Sunday night programme named after her across ABC Radio. Rhianna stumbled back into the world of YA in 2016 after realising she hadn’t read anything in 12 months and perhaps having a YA segment on her show which supported the #LoveOzYA movement was a great way to rectify that. Rhianna is a Torres Strait woman and a descendant of the Zagareb (Mer) and Wagedagam (Maubiag) tribes. She’s also an avgeek, anglophile and Whovian. Twitter: @RhiannaPatrick
  • Nicola Santilli (NSW)
    Nicola grew up on Isobelle Carmody and Garth Nix, and her love for Aussie YA followed her into adulthood. She’s been editing YA for almost six years at a children’s book publisher and is pretty sure she has the best job ever. #Queerlit & #ownvoices are her jam. Twitter: @nicolasantilli and Instagram @acrophony
  • Jess Walton (VIC)
    Jess is a secondary teacher, parent and picture book author. One of the best things about being a teacher is staying up to date with what young people are reading. She’s also bi/queer, disabled (leg amputee, chronic pain), and the daughter of a trans parent, so she likes her YA diverse! Twitter: @JessHealyWalton

You can find the full history behind the movement, and the stats that inspired it, here: http://www.killyourdarlingsjournal.com/2015/07/loveozya/ & here: http://www.wheelercentre.com/notes/young-love-australian-YA

You can also read our 2016 End of Year Report and Committee Meeting Minutes as well as a blog post about what we do.

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