About LoveOzYA

LoveOzYA is, at its heart, a way to focus the discussions around young adult (YA) fiction in Australia and by doing so, promote local content to local readers. The movement began – as all important conversations do nowadays – online, and rapidly garnered the attention of writers, readers, publishers, booksellers and so many more invested in our national youth literature. We all want the same thing – to draw the attention of Australian teens to Australian books that speak to their experience, and unite the youth-lit community by;

  • promoting a united message
  • centralising information
  • raising the profile of local content

The LoveOzYA community is represented by an elected committee who can facilitate discussion, speak to the media, and carry out actions on behalf of the group.

You can find the full history behind the movement, and the stats that inspired it, here: http://www.killyourdarlingsjournal.com/2015/07/loveozya/ & here: http://www.wheelercentre.com/notes/young-love-australian-YA

You can also read our 2016 End of Year Report and Committee Meeting Minutes as well as a blog post about what we do.

If you’re interested in volunteering your time to the #LoveOzYA Committee we’d love you to nominate yourself. We encourage you to read through our CHARTER to get a clearer picture of how we operate, along with the posts that are listed above. Self-nomination does not guarantee you a place on the committee, but as places become available, we will approach individuals from our list of potential committee members. In order to put your hand up, head over to our CONTACT US page and use the subject ‘Committee Nomination’. Within the message, please tell us about yourself. We specifically would like to know the state you live in, your profession and your age. We’d also encourage you to self-identify any other aspect of your life which you feel will add to your contribution to the committee. Everyone is welcome! It’s a passion for Australian YA that we share.

Similarly, if you ever have any feedback for the committee, we welcome it. We are here to service you, the community. We are just a merry band of volunteers trying to spread the love so if you see ways that could make that more effective or wide reaching, we’d love to hear it. Just make use of the CONTACT US page.

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The #LoveOzYa logo was designed by author Trinity Doyle